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  • Leather Books

    So we all Know that mages need spell books and clerics need Prayer books but sometimes its just handy to have an in-character note book to jot things down during the day.
    So heres a tutorial i found on youtube and the guys made me laugh so have a look.

  • General reasons behind my thoughts

    Just thought id try explain some of my desisions behind some of the rules.

    I didnt want to rule out heavy against pierceing shot completely (tho we have no players or npc's as yet in full plate) but thought this torso was acceptable protection.
    Feel free to discuss.
  • Dumbest way to die...

    This is an experiment.... apologies if it doesnt work. Not sure if forum supports it.
  • For sale

    Hey guys. Im selling a Game of thrones style cloak. Its inspired by Sansa's wedding (The Bolton wedding).

    The cloak is over 6ft tall and trails. Its made from genuine sheep skin and faux suede curtains which means its lined. I have yet to put a fastener on it but it can be worn without one and it won't come off. 
    I'm hoping to sell it for £70. I know its a lot but its covers materials and labour costs. If you want me to include a fastener, that will be an extra £10.