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  • Roll your Initiative !!

    Started helping out in the tavern and really enjoyed it, so decided to make a character to start enjoying the adventures even more. 
  • In The Tavern

    Glendarwen decides to take a break from his meditation and study to say his goodbyes to Talia and blesses her before she sets out on her journey, he then turns to face the tree and kneels praying to the Goddess of light for guidance and asking for her help in reversing Ivars condition.

  • Roll your Initiative !!

    This year i will be playing a charming happy palidan
    GOD wills it
  • Roll your Initiative !!

    Was sold as a larping slave
  • Roll your Initiative !!

    Friends with chief elder
  • Roll your Initiative !!

    my partner told me and i just like the people in the tavern,  after my own heart the lot of ya

  • Making a basic Loot Chest

    Materials List:

    Photocopy paper box
    Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks
    Pen / pencil
    Craft knife
    Card stock, thin and Package card
    A plate

    The basis of this build in a photocopier paper box but most packing boxes can be used. If you wish to make the box from scratch patterns can be easily found on the net.

    The sides are carefully opened taking care not to tare the card and the box is folded inside out and the sides re-glued with the hot glue gun.

    This is then put to one side. The lid is what takes the most construction.

    Measure the side of the side of the box lid and put this on the card stock. Using the plate then line up the edges of the top corners and you should receive a nice curve. This curve will depend on the size of plate you use. It's not a full semi circle. 

    Cutting these out carefully you can use this to measure the length of the top piece needed. Measure the width of the lid. With these two measurements mark out on the card stock the curved lid. I also marked out across the width of the card 1" strips. 

    Glue on the two side pieces. These will cover the lid sides. The strips marked on the card stock need to be scored by a craft knife. Make sure not to cut all the way through the card.

    Bend the card against the scoring and manipulate the card to give yourself a nice curve.

    Hot glue the lid to one of the long edges. Make sure this has dried and set before progressing to the next stage.

    Run the glue bit by bit down the long edge of the lid and affix this to the two curves. This bit can be tricky and may take a little bit of manipulation. Once you are near the edge then you will then need to again glue the larger section to the opposite side of the box lid.

    The ones I made were done in haste for an event but if you take a little more time and care there should be no gaps and should be nice and flush.

    You will now be able to put the lid on the main body with ease giving you this...

    With the lid on securely.. using a pencil mark each corner on the main body.

    On card stock measure 1" strips the height of which is the distance from the box base to where the lid settles.

    You will need 8 of these strips and these are hot glued to the corners as below.

    As you can see I overlapped these a little to give the look of metal re-enforcement to the corners of the chest.

    Picking the FRONT of the chest cut a piece of the card stock about 2" by 3" inch and drawer on a key hole. 

    The actual lock can be designed however you wish it to look but for simplicity I just used a simple rectangle.

    As this is thick card I cut lightly around the key hole and took out the scrap. This was to give the lock a little depth. I then coloured this in with a simple black sharpie. This was then glued to the middle of the chest front flush to the lid.

    For an extra bit of detail I then used some thinner card stock (cereal box) in 1" strips across the lid top 1" in from the edge.

    This is the finished simple design of the chest. As I said these were made in haste for an event and all 4 boxes were made in approx, 3 hours.

    You can take more time and decorate your chest how you see fit but for a representation of your loot chest this will make a good sized chest to keep your belongings in.

    Have fun and happy crafting.

  • In The Tavern

    *She stopped and saw the masked book worm* I got a scroll asking me to be a field surgeon in the new northern colonies. I'd be stupid to say no. I've always wanted to see more of the world. I'll be a month or so *She finished loading the last of her stuff onto the carriage* I left a note in case anyone noticed I was gone
  • In The Tavern

    *Boudicca stumbled down the tavern's stairs carrying a large trunk. It slipped from her hands and plummeted to the floor, making a loud bank, cracking a few few tiles* Jav'la... *She pinned a note to the notice board and loaded her luggage onto a waiting carriage outside*
  • Kevin Bacon

    Okay Gwyn... big help since I have no idea who Katherine Isabelle is; I'm using yours as a leap of faith.

    Katherine Isabelle from Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio; also starred in Gangs of New York with Cameron Diaz. She voice acted in Shrek along with Mike Myers who was also in Austin Powers with the mildly villainous Seth Green!

    haha nice one. Katherina was in gingersnaps with emily perkins who was in the original stephen kings it with seth green.   yours works too:)