May 6th Live Event

The morning was clear and bright. Hardly a cloud in the sky but still early. The sun's warmth had not yet cleared the dew which clung to the grass. Gwyn the druid entered the tavern and set out her stall and greeted the many familiar faces and in return was greeted by the grinning visage of Gillheren. As other patrons entered the general chatter rose and life as such as it was flowed on. Viktor, Otek's right had dwarf took the table rents for the stalls, welcoming Boudicca as it had been some time since a surgeon had asked to rent a space. He remembered a letter that a town courier had brought in for Gwyn and passed her the strange triangle shaped envelope sealed with and ornate $ in the bright red wax. Gwyn was more than a little confused. Very few knew her where-about's as she had travelled from place to place often with her little vampire ward who much to her chagrin had slipped off into the night. She hoped she was behaving. Her demeanour had changed somewhat since Othrim's influence had gone. As she cracked the seal delicately, memories of the brotherhood flashed in her mind and their nefarious death letters. However, she felt fine and opened the letter to read. 
Eyes turned toward the door as walking a was a Tabaxi. This would not have been strange to most of the patrons as all knew and had met Sapphire the Cat. This Tabaxi, was somewhat smaller in stature. Only a kit to most. She entered with her head high and a purpose every inch a sassy cat full of self purpose. The scents of Gwyn's catnip and herbs filled her nostrils and she was drawn to her side.
Eric, once the self imposed militia, ex hand of the brotherhood and now just trying to get buy on his looks and charm (of which he was all out of both), saw the strange look across Gwyn's face. He approached and asked if she was ok. Gwyn had received a letter from what seemed like a secret benefactor and he had apparently left her something in his living will inside the old water troll's cave. Not many knew Gilbre'cht by sight any more. It had been 3 years since he was seen in that cave but still to this day the regulars came to call it Gilbre'cht's cave. He offered to accompany her for safety and strangely the little Tabaxi kit 'Storm' began to follow. Not many people know why cats just seem to focus on someone and just follow. One could muse that little Storm had decided that Gwyn was hers. 
Gwyn looked around to see if Gillheren may like to accompany them but she noticed he had found a book and was already lost to the pages. As they left the tavern she could hear him reading aloud to himself "Oo! Vampires!".

The walk was pleasant and the cool morning air brushed their skin. As they reached the opening of the cave the fur on the back of Storm's neck stood up and her tail expanded. Entering slowly they saw the abandoned cave was no longer abandoned. Three individuals sat talking amongst themselves. Two women and a man. The blonde woman turned and greeted them with a smile and a wave and the flash of fangs was visible. Vampires, shading from the suns burning rays. The conversations were pleasant and Gwyn explained that they were looking for something she thought had been left there for her but the Vampires denied they had seen anything. As Gwyn and the blonde talked Eric watched the male carefully as he walked around the entrance ensuring to keep away from the direct light. "He dunt say much" He pointed out loudly. The blonde turned. "No' he's more.. the silent type". Eric's warrior eyes notice the male was more heavily armed and armoured than the two females. "He your protector?" he asked, "Yes, well as he can anyway". She began a long story of how they has met up and all listened. That was until Eric heard a murmur behind him and the cold hand of the male touch his arm. His body stiffened and he found he could not move. He watched in horror as the male glided past him and towards Gwyn, helpless to stop him. Realisation dawned and the shock of the sly out manoeuvre left as he called out to Gwyn still able to speak from the shadow magic's grasp. However by the time Gwyn had pulled her attention from the Blonde females enchanting tale she to was gripped by the same paralyzing realization that they had made a huge blunder to engage them in conversation freely. 
Storm however was quick. She ran up the rocky sides of the cave wall and hide behind a stalagmite and glared and hissed. She had no where to go. The vampires took their time and soon she too became entrapped and enthralled. 
With glee that their 'evening meal' did not have to be hunted the vampires fed. The Blonde choosing the enraged barbarian. She had a taste for the adrenalin in his system, though nearly lost a fang trying to bite through his war hardened skin. After they were sated they enthralled the group to leave and forget all about them so they could rest in piece in the dark of the cave for the day.
Gwyn, Eric and Storm made their way back to the tavern in a half dream like state.

Gillheren finished his book in short time and looked up. Gwyn was not there and wondered how long he had been engrossed in its pages. Asking about someone had pointed the direction of the three and he set out to follow. His pace was hampered by the bright sun and it felt as though the light poured sand into all his joints making it hard to walk. With his robe pulled up over his head he continued. It was not long before he met his friends on the way. They walked strangely and had a glassy look over their eyes, but most or all he could see on them several puncture wounds. He asked them what had happened and all they would say is they were insect bites and continued passed as if they had only met him for the first time. The information from the book he had just read flooded his mind and he retraced his companions steps back to a large cave mouth. He had nothing to fear from vampires. Not any more. As he approached he could hear a woman's voice call out to him from the cave. "Hello, hello there. You ok? Come in here out of that sun." Gillheren was not daft he knew what he was about to face and although he could not move quickly in the sun the vampire would certainly roast before she got to him in this light so remained. "Come on out! I find it strange to be enticed into the dark by a woman's voice. I'm not falling for that again!" the voice in the dark chuckled "I can't the sun. Its too dangerous for me." "Ah!" he replied "so your a vampire then?" "Oh course but don't worry I wont bite... no really I wont I can smell that your not 'feeding' material." She chuckled. Gillheren pondered for a moment. The sun was awfully uncomfortable and she was right he definitely was not for her pallet and entered. Instantly as the shadows surrounded him he felt his joints fee up and he moved better and the cool of the cave was much more appealing. What he was not expecting was to find this woman. A blonde, was not alone. A brunette woman with long hair half covering her face and a male, helmet, sword and shield by his side. Gillheren sighed, "Always the way" he thought to himself with resignation. 

However the conversation was light and he felt no threat to himself. In fact the even offered him coin if he would assist them. All he needed to do was bring others that they could feed from. They were lucky to have already dined but its not often people will just wander into a dark cave on such a nice day. If Gillheren was to bring others for them they would pay him. He found this his chance to retreat gracefully from their presence and accepted and left for the taken as quickly as his sun soaked body would let him. He needed to know if Gwyn and the others were ok. 

As he was about half way back, cursing the damn sun and wishing it was last week when the dark clouds made journeying so much easier. He saw again coming the opposite way Gwyn Eric and pretty much every one that was in the tavern. When Gwyn had got to the tavern she had found in her pouches a letter. Opened but addressed to her explaining about a gift a mysterious benefactor had left her. Eric agreed to assist her as the road was dangerous and the rest decided they would go to. To take a stroll on such a nice day and nothing to do with the huge bug bites they seemed to have on them and the strange way they had acted when they had walked in. Gillheren explained that he had encountered something in the cave and everyone stated that's where they were headed anyway and continued on. Gill would have said more but they were far quicker than him and seemed to be on a mission so he followed behind as best he could.

Gwyn, Storm, Eric, Sur'rel, Ivar, Marek, Boudicca and Zena all entered the cavern cautiously. Needless to say the three vampires we completely aghast at so many people walking in. Willingly.
The blonde introduced herself and was a little perturbed about every one walking into their shelter armed and was worried that they were all there to dag them all out into the sunlight. "People can be so cruel to the mortally challenged you know!" she explained. Everyone agreed to put away their weapons and that they were not there to do them harm but to find the large creature that had bitten their companions. "What did it look like?" the blonde asked Gwyn, "I've no idea what you mean?" She replied, "I've only just got here.." She explained that she was looking for something.

As they talked Gillheren finally caught up and entered the cave. "And! there's vamipres in there..!" he finished defiantly. The blonde vampire turned to Gill and smiled "Thankyou". Though the topic was lost on everyone else. Eric had an uneasy feeling like he had done this before. He kept a dagger in his grasp hidden from view. Something here was not right. He herd a murmur. He knew.. but before he could act a cold hand touched his arm. Marek seeing the Male vampire walk towards him moved to one side to let him pass. As a murmur and a cold hand touched the back of his neck. Sur'rel's sharp hearing heard the spell and moved to avoid the touch but too late. He had enough in him to raise an alarm and Ivar leapt to avoid the icy touch only to land before the Blonde. The brunette had managed to get behind Boudicca, Zena and Storm and hold them in the confusion infront of them. Gwyn quick to react this time cast root on the blonde in front of her but in her haste realised she had left herself no room to get by her and as the roots snaked up through the earth and entangled the Vampires legs she simply leaned forward and countered with her own immobilizing grasp. 

Turning to Gillheren The blonde again thanked him for bringing such easy victims to them. The male vampire realising they didn't have enough coin for all the people they thought he had brought them took to looting their pouched and literally paid him with their own coin. Gillheren could feel angry eyes upon him. This was not really what he planned and the damn vampires were making it far worse. The Vampires however had eaten greatly already that morning and were to release a few of the less .. desirable captives. The blonde though eager for her adrenalin fix wanted Eric to stay. The Male began to remove the weapons from the "guests staying for dinner" and as he was struggling to remove a dagger from Erics belt he cut his hand. He laughed off the minor mental slip knowing soon his blood feast would help heal him.. that was, until he felt his blood begin to boil looking again as he held the dagger by the blade he could see a thin green ichor clinging to the blade and before he could call out fell to the ground as the virulent poison boiled him from the inside out. The girls cried out. Their anguish turned to hate and there ferocity turned on Eric. They enthralled the others to leave and forget coming to this cave. Once they all left they released Eric knowing he was already weak from his last encounter with them.. but they sorely underestimated him. Thinking him defenceless he lifted the dagger he had kept in his hand. Fixed tight in his grip by their spell. Soon the same poison was coursing through their veins. Eric let out a war cry of victory and left to catch up to the others. 

From the dark of the cave. Sur'rel the Drow, stepped from the shadows,  with a small wooden chest he had found in a small alcove at the back of the cave. His paralysing torpor has ceased when the male vampire had died. He used the confusion to slip into the darkness and perhaps escape unseen. Taking the chest he picked up his weapons previously taken from him and left to find the others and see what goods were inside.

To be Continued........

(thus was the first 2 hours of the event day)

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