In The Tavern



  • by which I mean I'm glad you're no longer affiliated with him.
  • "I don't believe he is even in this realm anymore. I think Hell has finally taken him.

    Please excuse me, the journey here was a long one and Im exhausted. I have a tent out in the woods, at the top of the glade. You're welcome to find me if ever you need anything."
  • "rest well Daria"
  • Gillheren will go back to his reading in the corner
  • Thank you Daria, have a good night.

    (Glen turns to order a drink from Otek) How much for a cup of mead my good man?

  • Elize puts some copper in the hat
    "thankyou for the entertainment"
    And retires for the night 
  • Well its time to go rest good night
    Gullheren hands the book back and heads to his room to read more in to the night
  • JorranJorran Posts: 252
    The cloaked figure of Jorran slips quietly through the rear door of the tavern closing the door noiselessly. He takes stock of the people sat talking in the tavern before walking over to the Otek, "It's busy in here tonight Otek, might I perchance have a bottle of mead and a glass please?"
  • Good morning Otek some food please il have it near the fire thank you
    Gillheren will sit next to the fire place waiting for his food
  • Otek do you know if there are any intresting things for sale ?
  • Otec grumbles a good morning to the masked visitor. He begins the process of collection on a plate some bread, cheese and ham. To be washed down with a glass of water.

    He brings it over to Gillheren and places it it his hands.

    "There might be some merchants in later on today."
  • Thank you very much Otec
  • JorranJorran Posts: 252
    Jorran sits in a shaded corner of the tavern with his mead watching the ebb and flow of the tavern patrons as the day wears on 
  • Gillheren after a day of walking the land arpund the taven will get a nice glass of wine and another book and sit in the corner tak8ng notes
  • (Ophelia peered through a gap in the door not wanting to attract any attention, letting out a low sigh when she couldnt see any sign of Daria, she wanted to say goodbye before she went on her travels. Having already said her goodbye's to Gwyn she felt it was easier to leave quickly and without a fuss.  She needed answers, and she wasnt going to find them here in Darkenvale. Satisfied that she wasnt seen Ophelia left the tavern and fleeted off into the dark forest)
  • "hello again everyone did i miss anything"
  • walkes over to otec "goodevening otec please can I have a half-tankerd of your best mead please
  • Gillheren just sits in the corner keeping notes on every one coming in and every now and then casts detect magic to see if anything intresting pops up
  • The taven not very full tonight Otec nice and quiet for reading
  • GwynGwyn Posts: 216
    Gwyn rushed inside the tavern closing the heavy wooden doors behind her, placing her worn staff in the corner near the hatch.  "Good day  Otec, may I have a small cup of mead please. Bit chilly out there and far too windy to be out gathering" she said while rubbing her hands together.
  • Gillheren looks up from the loud noise seeing the new person enter after a glance he carrys on reading
  • GwynGwyn Posts: 216
    Taking her drink Gwyn walks over to the fire and sits down at a small table, rummaging around in her bag she takes out a small ink pot, her quil and some parchment and begins adding notes next to some rough sketchs of the plants found near the hangmans tree. 
  • I cast senic magic on gwyn from the shadows
  • GwynGwyn Posts: 216
    Gwyn glances over in the direction of the figure sat in the shadows,smiles and shakes her head carrying on with her writings.
  • Gillheren tilts his head to the side then gose back to his book
  • GwynGwyn Posts: 216
    taking another sip of her drink Gwyn leans forward picking up a piece of wood throwing it in the fire. "its freezing in here tonight "  she said taking her tankard over to the hatch "a refill please Otec"
  • Gillheren put the book back and walks over to the fire and says good evening do you mind if i sit by the fire
  • GwynGwyn Posts: 216
    No not at all
  • My name is Gillheren im new to this area i was traped in a dungon but was released by a party of ppl which i thank them even tho they attacked and robbed me
  • GwynGwyn Posts: 216
    "that sounds terrible for you.
    How did you find yourself here in darkenvale? This really isn't the safest of places to be. Although things have been better recently thanks to the fae" she reaches out her hand to greet Gillheren here now. "I'm Gwyn"
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