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    Jorran picks up his plate and ale and moves over to Elizes table, sitting down he looks over to her "so what have you been upto on your wanderings then Elize?" He enquires before starting to eat.
  • "I have been wandering to the towns and cities visiting different leather smithing masters learning new tricks and tips to improve my leather working skills and trying to keep myself out of trouble" giggling to herself as she finishes the sentence.
  • "And yourself Jorran have you been upto much?"
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    Jorran raises his eyebrow quizzically at Elizes giggle but says nothing about it. " Me I've just been wandering around collecting various bits and bobs to see what sort of potions they would make, while keeping a watchful eye on the comings and goings of the various denizens of this area" he takes a mouthful of the food and washes it down with some ale. " So how did you find the outlying towns and cities? I hope you had sense enough to stay clear of qurenbark"
  • " oh I have learnt long ago to stay away from the slavers Jorran. Many a tale get told in the villages of what goes on there."
    Finishing the last few bites of her supper Elize pushes her plate further onto the table and picks up her glass.
    "So have you made any new surprises lately Jorran"
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    Jorran smiles as he catches Elizes meaning " I have made a few surprises but I think Otek and the guards would frown upon me testing them in here, but I do think I have a very potent surprise for anyone who tries to harm me" finishing his meal he picks up his tankard, " what do you think of the tavern now it's been rebuilt?"
  • "Otek and the fae did an excellent job with the rebuild" finishing her drink Elize stands up and returns her plate and glass to the hatch.
    "That was amazing Otek thankyou"
    As Elize returns to the table she begins to yawn.
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    Jorran drinks some more of his tankard "you look tired Elize might I suggest that you retire for the night and perhaps we will see each other on the morrow?"
  • "I think I will if you dont mind Jorran" she turn to leave
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    Jorran picks up his tankard and stands " I'm heading back to my room myself care for my company on the short walk?"
  • "That would be most kind of you Jorran".
    As elize moves towards her room she looks over to the tavern keeper " Goodnight Otek" Elize then walks to her room and enters saying goodnight to Jorran as she closes the door slowly"
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    "Goodnight Elize" Jorran watches the door close then walks down the hallway into his own room and closes the door
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    Gwyn had just finished putting her things away before walking over to the hatch and placed some herbs tied in a bundle to the side. "Here Otek, for your roasts, may I have a small mead please?"
  • Hello all night cold night we have
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    "Evening Gillheren"
  • Sapphire prowls in tail twitching in excitement, a large lumpy something concealed in a cloth pouch with a paw print slung across his shoulder. Seeing Daria his muzzle raises in a smile, "Hi Daria, hi Glen"
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    looking up from her drink Gwyn smiles when she hears her new friend " Evening Sapphire, how are you?"
  • I think i need a break from reading this week any one got anything intresting to talk about ?
  • beams a smile at Gywn, "Hi Gwyn, things are going really well thanks" his nose quivering tasting the air, a strange pungent aroma begins to become more apparent as he moves further into the tavern and sits down.
  • Boudicca stumbled into the tavern, shivering as she went straight to the fire to warm up. She held her cheek in discomfort and smiled softly at Sapphire, Gwyn and Gillheren to say silent "hello".
  • Hello
    You look cold have a chair near the firer there might be some boar left if your hungry
  • She smiled and pulled up a chair next to Gillheren. She glanced over a few of his books. "Only if you dont mind. I wouldnt want to take from you."
  • No no feel free i dont eat lots these days now takes time away from reading
  • You see anything intresting out side any one ?
  • Boudicca tooked into some boar before washing it down with some ale. "It's really good, thank you. If it's not too personal, why do you wear a mask?"
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    Sat in the corner Gwyn could see all around the tavern, it was good to see it getting busy again after everything the villaige had been through. There was a calm welcoming feel to the place again.  "Evening Boudicca, nice to see you, been a while"
  • "Evening, Gwyn. It had been a while. How have you been this winter?"
  • (Glen walks into the tavern and walks over to the fire) good evening everyone

  • My mask you say well that is what all my brothers wear after completing are training in the libary we never take it off once on but iv been shamed by some ppl who robbed me and taken it off me when i was unconses
    It was a very very sad time somthing il need to wright to my order about
    Sad times
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    Gwyn gives Boudicca a warm smile "Ive been pretty good thanks".  Turning her head toward the voice she waves "Evening Glendarwen"
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