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    (walks in quietly, stopping just behind Talia)
    What are you ding here Talia?
  • TaliaTalia Posts: 9
    o c'mon, i dont have any family. my sister, you beloved, is dead. no parents and no other siblings. 
    cant i just stay with you?
  • GillherenGillheren Posts: 92
    This taven is geting very crazy the last few week
  • The door swings, a torrent of cool, mid-spring evening air bellows into the tavern. An assertive step presses weightily into the old wooden floor as a hooded newcomer enters the Hangman's rest. The figure pauses; she appears clad in brown old worn leather, crudely fashioned fur bracers and rough fur lined leather boots. About her waist is a belt with a hunting knife and three freshly caught hares.
    A thick sharp golden eyes glimmer in the warmth and candle fires of the public house, she surveys the patrons briefly...
    then proceeds to the ale soaked bar, with coin in her dark painted hand to spend.
  • TaliaTalia Posts: 9
    *Talia walks over to this women* 'Who might you be then? you look like a bit of fun.'
  • GillherenGillheren Posts: 92
    Thank you for saving me in that dungon lexi
    It looks like every one ran away in the end
    If you need any help feel free to ask
  • IvarIvar Posts: 32
    (Following Talia, pulling her back and speaking in a hushed stern tone)
    This is a dangerous place, most of the strangers we meet want to kill us, you need to be more cautious and if you're planning on staying you'll need to do as I say, why didn't you send word you were comming?
  • TaliaTalia Posts: 9
    will you tell me all about it? dungeons can be fun well if theyre good enough for you ivar surely theyre good enough for me.
  • For a split second the stranger straightened her back rigidly at the sound of the voice distracting her away from service. Long clawlike fingernails tapped restlessly and the coin she placed on the countertop quickly snatched within her solid grasp.

    The huntress turned to put faces to the voices that caught her sharp ears. Under the cowl, shadows and obscured inhuman features; feral eyes became locked on the female clothed in black and glanced to her male counterpart; armed to the teeth.

    Seasons passed in solitary travel from the south-eastern steppes. Had it been she, they spoke to? The huntress' jaw clenched tense in thought. A tavern maid passed and soon was collared for a flagon in a beguiling tongue.
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    (Ignoring Talks for the moment Ivar turns to the hooded figure while keeping one hand close to the dagger strapped to his back)
    Apologies for my *cough* friend, what brings you to the area? You appear to have spent some time in the wilds outside, have you been alone out there or were there others?
  • IvarIvar Posts: 32
     (Correction - Talia not talks ^^)
  • The huntress turns and narrows her eyes, she swills back the fresh mead. The liquid honeyed gold tingled her senses as the torrents of rich flavour burst down her parched gullet. For a second she paused, watching the lips of the well armed human speak and with a husked tone responded "Na'hast vros, ummas drahar." 
    Her dark clawed hand clutched at her belt; showing the stranger the fresh slain hares.
    She watched him studiously, and paused before raising her rough leathered palm to her heart. "Eras marr; Urzha Gruuhl..."
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    (gesturing to the hares)
    those are very nice, do you speak the common tongue? we may have trouble talking if not.

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    (mimicking her action Ivar puts his hand on his chest and speaks his name, "I'm Ivar Blackwater" he then puts that hand out to shake while still keeping his other close to his knife)
  • "Ivarrh Blackwater..." she uttered slowly and severely. She repeated the words in attempt to soften the sound in her abrasive accent. She chuckled heartily within herself, shrugging with a take me, leave me attitude. The huntress extended her hand to Ivar's with a firm grip, and shook it with the strength of an eager man. The hooded huntress pushed her flagon towards him and offered it as a gesture of no ill will.  
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    (Ivar now assuming the strange woman is not here to hurt anyone while still being cautious, he takes the flagon and puts it to his closed lips to imitate drinking a little, then swallows to complete the illusion, he hands the drink back to Urzha,) this is Talia (he says as he takes Talias wrist and pulls her forward a little) why don't you join us? (spoken with a smile as he points to a table.)
  • The huntress grins and accepts her drink back, from beneath the layers a glimpse of small protruding fangs flash from a plump lipped underbite. She hesitated for a moment, and glanced at the empty table... then about the tavern as it appeared fuller and busier with patrons. The hooded figure nodded, slow she was before she feigned her confident certainty. She took the lead and ventured away from the barside to a quieter seat.

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    (after getting a drink, Talia follows Urzha)
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    (Ivar orders an ale then goes to sit with the two of them, turning to Urzha) so, do you have a trade?
  • Lexi turns to Gilheren, smiling as she speaks, "you're welcome, Gil. I may just call in that favour."
  • GillherenGillheren Posts: 92
    Sure lexi
  • GillherenGillheren Posts: 92
    So what can i help you with lexi
    Sitting down with a dark red wine
  • Urzha pulled up a wooden stool, and lowered herself down to the sturdy seat. The flagon was placed on the damp surface of the table and she glanced up to see Thalia and Ivar approach to claim their seats.

    There was an awkward silence as she heard the words, yet they were difficult to fathom. "Trade? Va sooer hanafe'sh..."

    She rummaged as she spoke, tugging at an old rough hewn satchel that had been crudely stitched together with thick wax leather. From this she produced a tattered parchment and the huntress rolled it out before the two.
    It was a well drawn map, beautifully detailed with a potent smelling ink.

    "Suras marr, Grundebaagh.." the thick dark talon of her nail pointed to the south eastern arrow and dragged across the parchment to the barren steppes and the mountain lands. "Gruumlishland" the huntress crowed bleakly.
    "Eras marr Norstbound..." the huntress folded her arms and reclined back on her seat.
  • Lexi smiled over her shoulder as she left the tavern. 'I'll call you if I need you, Gil."
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    (Ivar understanding that talking wasn't getting him far starts to use his hands and actions in an attempt to communicate while speaking slowly and clearly as he did) are you trying to get there? Or is that where you come from?
  • TaliaTalia Posts: 9
    (Talia attempts to ask if she can see the map)
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    Gillheren stits in the corner of taven drinking his blood red wine thinking how dose a beholder scrash his bum and slow think of all the thinkings he did before the dungon
  • GillherenGillheren Posts: 92
    Sitting in the dark corner Gillheren thinks of the meaning of life and death after he died in the dungon and the black void
    The black void which covers all
    Darkness in the night and thinks if he should share and make all enbrace the Black void
  • Urzha sighs through her nostrils. She slides the map closer to Tahlia's veiwing but maintained a possessive hold over the parchment, her palm flat pressed made it difficult for a thing to be snatched. She repeated the words slower.

    "Grundebaagh..." the huntress pointed to herself. "Norstbound..." she then gestured towards to the old worn tavern door.
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    Gillheren looks up from his deep indepth thort to see a funny site of what looks like a orc hunter trying to talk with the new lady and the man with lots of weapons cuz you need more than one ? Both sides not understand each other
    Hehehe good times
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