Updated Rule Book 2018

OthrimOthrim Posts: 131
OK so as most of you know. Now we have started our 4th year. The Elders have been working hard to make a full and complete Core Rule book. Very few rules have been changed. Most of the amendments are solid clarifications to some of the things asked about by you the players. Some new skills have been added where mistakes were bade in copy and pasting the site rules to the forum. Both will be updated with this Core Rule book. We hope that these will help explain and understand what skills can do and how they should be portrayed in game. For your benefit I have also created the book in a PDF should you wish so download it and print your own hard copy. I find it's easier for me to read that way. 
Future additions in the planning are:
Elite classes for Lv20+,
NPC guilds and their skill lists and histories,
The Pantheons of DV,
More fluff as to maps and histories of villages and towns in the area.

I am confident that the Core Rule Book will explain anything you wish to know but as always if you have a question ... Ask an Elder.
We will be working hard to make sure the rules guides ect are enforced going forward and with this year's Major, minor and sub plots already planed we hope you have a great year.




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