In The Tavern



  • The huntress Urzha, reclaimed her parchment and rolled it up watching the two studiously from under her earthen ragged cloak.
    The map is slipped back into the worn leather sack. With one yank of the cord, the contents are sealed away and her grin thinned some.
    She knocked back the remains of the mead in her flagon and wiped her soaked lips with the back of her palm.

    Urzha pushed her weight against the stool, to leave the company at the table. She tipped her head low with a curt nod, bidding a blunt farewell followed by what seemed like an attempt to thank the two for their time. The huntress began to stride off towards the door taking her leave.
  • Ivar still confused as to what exactly this strange figure had just said to him, turns to her as she leaves, he gives her a small wave and bids her good luck before promptly returning to his drink, after a big gulp, he sighs, puts his drink on the table and begins grinding some herbs.
  • After his weekly trip to the city Gillheren walks back in to the taven.
    He has a look around to see if any one is in
    Says good morning to the staff
    May i have some food plz
    And he gose and sits in the corner and starts reading
  • Still a little shaken by the recent events Severina enters the tavern looking around to see if there were any familiar faces. Making her way over to the fire she  sat on the floor next to a small table, then  took out a small ragged book and began reading through her notes to see if she could remember anything of what had happened before her  unlife.
  • *Boudicca stumbled down the tavern's stairs carrying a large trunk. It slipped from her hands and plummeted to the floor, making a loud bank, cracking a few few tiles* Jav'la... *She pinned a note to the notice board and loaded her luggage onto a waiting carriage outside*
  • Going on a trip boudicca gillheren asks
  • Gillheren walks past the new person finding her intresting reading a book and makes a note to talk with them after he finds out what boudicca is up2
  • *She stopped and saw the masked book worm* I got a scroll asking me to be a field surgeon in the new northern colonies. I'd be stupid to say no. I've always wanted to see more of the world. I'll be a month or so *She finished loading the last of her stuff onto the carriage* I left a note in case anyone noticed I was gone
  • Well have a nice time if you see anything good make sure to wright it down
  • If I find a book, I'll bring it back. I'm nervous... I will admit. I... I'm not good on ships but It'll be worth it. Sorry to ramble, hun. Im just very tiered and anxious. *She gave Gillheren a hug and climbed onto the carriage. She opened the shutters and waved the carriage rode off*
  • *A large wolf creature entered the tavern, clad in green garb and carried a short sword* Hellooooo?
  • Ivar sits in the tavern mixing potions to cure the ebon scourge trying to distract himself from yesterday's events by focusing on his work.
  • Ivar goes to the bench on the Forrest Highway to practice casting spells.

  • After a long eventful day, Gwyn sits down at her stall searching through the boxes for some ink so she can continue with her writings before preparing some balm ready to sell at the market next time she visits Hamelstead.  
  • Glendarwen sits at the base of the ewe tree he has been told is Ivar and meditates, focusing on how his fae cleanse ability works and trying to work out a way to tap into its magic cancelling properties by using his own magical power to fuel it, he breaks his trance only occasionally to make notes and plan out his ideas and experiments.
  • hello glen, it was nice to see you again after so long and I hope your wife is well. please let me know if you are able to find out anything about this mysterious ewe tree that I was told appeared a couple of months back. 

    I hope to hear from you soon and many more people and see you in a couple of months.
  • Talia then turns to set off to hamelstead in hopes of finding someone to reverse the curse.
  • Glendarwen decides to take a break from his meditation and study to say his goodbyes to Talia and blesses her before she sets out on her journey, he then turns to face the tree and kneels praying to the Goddess of light for guidance and asking for her help in reversing Ivars condition.

  • thank you, I hope you are able to find some information as to why. please contact me there if you know of anything or I will arrive back in two months after a search 
    for an answer.
  • After finishing some writing and packing up her stall, Gwyn hanged
    some herbs near the fireplace to dry out before going out for her evening stroll.  Nodding at Talia and Glendarwen  with a smile as she passes them.
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