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  • I was reading old scrolls and one of them had info about a old dungon the next thing i knew i was chained up in a dark room being robbed
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    "I hope things are much better for you while you are here in our villiage. Have you rented a room or do you have a camp in the forest?"  Gwyn reaches into her bag and pulled out a piece of rolled up parchment and gives it to Gillheren. "here, its a map of the area. I dont really need it anymore, those circles are where a few of the villagers have camps.  Im sure you will have met some of them already but it is a safe place to set up shelter should you need to"
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    finishing the last of her mead and Gwyn rises from her chair and puts her things away.  "I should be off for now.  Enjoy your stay here in our villiage.  Just a small suggestion, dont go into the forest at night until you are more familiar with your surroudings, for your own safety of course" Picking up her staff she nods a farewell to Otec and leaves the tavern.
  • Thank you Gwyn il remmember this kind act
  • Any merchants selling anything ?
  • Good afternoon
  • walks into the tavern and over to otec"good evening otec plese can  have a half-tankerd of mead" 
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    "evening Marek" gwyn walked over to the small table in front of the fire and sat down. "the tavern is very quiet tonight"
  • "it is isent it"
  • Hello agen Gillheren looks up from his book
  • Would any of you be intrested in exploring the area for magic itoms
  • I'll gladly join you Gillheren. ( Glen walks over to Gillheren ) have you heard of any in the area?

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      Otek enters and carrying a large cask over his shoulder and places it on the back wall. Looks around to see who is in.

    "Good evening all"

    He begins the long task of roasting a boar over the kitchen fire pit, tasking the tiny kobold to turn the spit slowly as he basted the boar with some of the ale he had brought in.

    "Keep that turning throughout the night and baste often and I'll make sure the first cut is yours. Got it?"

    The little kobald's eyes gleamed eagerly and studied the slow turning boar carfully.
  • Hello Glen iv seen a few things pop up in diffent books but there location is not 100% sure some say near a old dungon and ruins maybe if we look for any thing which is not normal it might give us more info
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    Otek looks into the tavern from his hatch.

    " Roast pork ready for those with the inclination!"

    He throws a slice of the cooked meat to the Kobold who scurries off holding the still hot meat protectively in it's little paws.
  • Ill have some of that please Otek
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    Takes a large calving knife that could at one time have been a short sword and slices some of the meat away breaking through the crackling. The turns placing the meat on a wooden plate and offers it to the Leather smith. 

    "Let me know what you think."
  • "Could I be cheeky please Otek and ask for some of the crackling as well it looks delicious"
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    He turns and grabs a piece of the crackling from the side tray and puts this too on the plate.

    "Seasoned myself and basted in IronHammer stout. ohhhh all night and a good part of the day."

  • Elize takes the plate and says "thank you Otek" before turning and walking to a nearby table. She looks up from her eating and shouts "it tastes really good Otek but could I have a glass of mead to wash it down with please"
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    "Right you are lass. Will bring it right over. I need to build up the fire anyhow. Bloody cold out there today. Blasted weather cant decide what its doing."

    He pours the mead and drops it off at the table she sits at as he makes his way to the fire. He then begins to put a few more logs on it.
  • "My thanks Otek" Elize sips her mead while savouring each bite of her food looking around at what things are happening within the tavern
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    Spies the two gents over in the far corner chatting amongst themselves 

    "Seems to be a quiet night tonight. There's not many in the rooms upstairs either. Got a little quiet. But that's ok. I'm just enjoyin the peace."
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    Jorran slips quietly in through the rear door of the tavern and walks over to the serving hatch. Rubbing his hands together he looks towards Otek, "Evening Otek can I have an ale and food please"
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    He makes his way back behind the counter.

    "How about some IronHammer Stout infused slow cooked pork, and an ale?"

  • "I agree peace and quiet is a good thing during these chaotic times, and at least those rowdy orcs from the mine arent in tonight."
    Elize looks over to the hatch surprised at the sudden appearance of Jorran in the tavern, "good evening Jorran how are you?"
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    "spit roasted pig and an ale will be fine fare on this bitterly cold evening Otek thank you  " Jorran turns to Elize " I am fine thank you for asking mistress tanner, I will be all the better for having hot food and heavy ale in my stomach, How are you the dismally cold evening?"
  • "I am fine, warm and well fed Jorran" she replies indicating the part eaten meal in front of her. " would you care to join me at my table once you have your food and drink?"
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    Jorran inclines his head "it would be my pleasure to have my meal with you Elize as soon as Otek serves me" He then turns and awaits his food and drink from the surly tavern owner
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    Turns and places a tankard and a plate of food on the counter

    "There ya go lad."

    He then continues about his business. 
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